Pickups for Strats

Our best-selling product of the last two years, our Stratocaster pickups have redefined the market in quality, tone and affordability. Based on the best of 50's and 60's sets, but with more modern, accurate and consistent construction, players and luthiers around the world are discovering that you don't need to spend a small fortune to get the sought after single coil "chime". In order to bring you the ultimate strat pickups we've included the following features:

  • High-Grade "Smooth-Top" Alnico Polepieces - no sharp edges!
  • Modified stagger polepieces for more accurate string-to-string balance.
  • Calibrated winding for even volume balance across all five standard positions.
  • USA-made vintage hook-up wire for easy installation.
  • Latex tubing and nickel-plated screws are included with every pickup.
  • Wax-potted to avoid feedback at high-gain settings.
  • Scatterwound on our 999-step CNC winding machines.
  • All sets are RWRP (Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity) - offering noiseless operation in positions 2 and 4.
  • Note: All our stratocaster pickups are available as sets and individually.

Pure Vintage - TRS1

In production since 2005, the Pure Vintage set from Tonerider is the perfect upgrade for any player looking for that warm, vintage Stratocaster sound. Inspired by a collection of vintage pickups from the 1950's, the Pure Vintage set accurately reproduces the magical magnet and coil structure of these classic pickups.

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City Limits - TRS2

The City Limits set is designed to offer guitarists a hotter Texas Blues sound with unrivalled versatility. The neck and mid pickups are wound to emulate the sought-after “overwound” late 50's-style pickups, and the bridge pickup is overwound with lighter AWG43 gauge wire for a more modern lead sound.

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Classic Blues - TRS3

In the 60s strat pickups changed - they got a bit hotter, the magnet quality improved and started to provide a bit more snap and attack.  The Classic Blues set from Tonerider nails these late 60's tones, whilst also offering the benefits of a calibrated wind for more even volume balance across all five positions.

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Alnico II Blues - TRS4

Perfect for Blues and Jazz, this new set offers players touch-sensitive and sweet clean tones, without boomy bass notes or harsh trebles.

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Surfari - TRS5

For players who like unrivalled clarity and brightness and great dynamics, the Surfari set is a great match made with Alnico III magnets.

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