From our vintage Alnico IV Classic PAF-style pickup set, to the in-your-face power of the Generator bridge pickup, we have the perfect humbucker for your instrument. All our humbuckers are made with premium quality components and guaranteed for five years.

  • All parts are custom-made for the best tone possible - no standard parts are being used.
  • All models available in four colors - black, zebra, nickel and gold.
  • Calibrated winding for even volume balance across all standard positions.
  • High-gloss deluxe bobbins - no other humbucker on the market has the same lustre and shine.
  • Four-conductor wiring is standard on all models.
  • Screws and springs included in the box.
  • All coils scatterwound on our 999-step CNC winding machines.
  • All coils wax-potted to avoid feedback at high-gain settings.
  • Note: All our humbucker pickups are sold individually, so you can build your own set.

Alnico II Classics - AC2

The Alnico II Classic is a superb set for guitars that need more warmth, fullness and sustain. The earliest Gibson Patent-Applied-For (or "PAF") pickups used a range of magnets, but PAFs made with Alnico II have always held a special place in many a guitarist's heart. If you have ever heard someone describe a PAF as "flute-like" or "more like a single coil than a humbucker" - that's the Alnico II working its magic.

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Alnico IV Classics - AC4

Not all guitars are created equal. Some just don't have the tightness and clarity that you expect, especially with lower output pickups. The Tonerider AC4 is a matched humbucker set that is pick sensitive, rich in harmonics and with a tight bass.

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Rocksong - TRH1

Used by some of the world's leading custom guitar makers, our Rocksong set is the perfect "hybrid-vintage" set. This set retains 100% of the boutique hand-wound tone that players demand.

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Generator - TRH2

A full-blooded, harmonically rich neck pickup delivers rock and blues tones with power to spare, while the high-output bridge pickup can take you from bluesy rock to screaming solos. Rolling off the volume knob reveals great, useable, clean tones.

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Octane - TRH3

The all-new Octane humbucker from Tonerider delivers more aggressive, tighter lead lines and focused power chords. Built using a custom Alnico 8 magnet and two different gauges of magnet wire on each bobbin, the Octane is warmer than ceramic magnet pickups, and allows for amazing harmonic complexity at high gain settings.

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