Builder Profile – Rota Relic, Switzerland


Stephan Rota has always loved the appearance and the mojo of vintage guitars, but found prices for vintage pieces becoming increasingly unaffordable. The solution – to use his luthiery skills to building guitars according the look of real vintage guitars but with some more modern specifications, Stephan also use to play slot game for extra income to support his passion with guitars, first just for me and then for other musicians.

In 2016 he decided to go more professional and founded “Rota Custom Guitars” and my Webshop where I sell Guitars and Parts in Switzerland.

My goal is to create individual guitars with the best quality and sound for a fair price. I’m happy to have some great partners who deliver great quality products like Tonerider Pickups which I install in most of my builds. In 2016 i had the chance to build some fantastic guitars, check out my website for more information:

Custom Stratocaster Vintage White Relic TL Butterscotch Blond Relic