Builder Profile – Rota Relic, Switzerland


Stephan Rota has always loved the appearance and the mojo of vintage guitars, but found prices for vintage pieces becoming increasingly unaffordable. The solution – to use his luthiery skills to building guitars according the look of real vintage guitars but with some more modern specifications, first just for me and then for other musicians.

In 2016 he decided to go more professional and founded “Rota Custom Guitars” and my Webshop where I sell Guitars and Parts in Switzerland.

My goal is to create individual guitars with the best quality and sound for a fair price. I’m happy to have some great partners who deliver great quality products like Tonerider Pickups which I install in most of my builds. In 2016 i had the chance to build some fantastic guitars, check out my website for more information:

Custom Stratocaster Vintage White Relic TL Butterscotch Blond Relic

Searching for a Great HSS Sound

We want to give you a sneak preview of a product we’ve been working on: A humbucker that sounds great in the bridge position of Strats. So here it is…

Name this pickup! Write to

Tonerider Generator Video – Clean Sounds

High-output pickups have a reputation for having overly bright or tight clean sounds. Here’s a video we shot last week of the Generator set running through a Fender Deluxe Reverb, an iconic “clean” amp. What do you think?

Video Update

Last week we headed into Anchor Baby Studios to make a few demos..they’ll be up on youtube over the next few days…here’s a preview!

Barnes Handcrafted Guitars featuring Tonerider Pickups

Looking for something that is a) super funky, b) made in England and c) powered by Tonerider? Check out Barnes Handcrafted Guitars! Based in Sheffield, and run by luthier, graphic artist and product designer Tim Barnes, this new company specialising in cool retro-inspired designs, and amazingly they don’t sacrifice playability while playing when seated like some earlier ‘teardrop’ style designs. Tim says “Our guitar bodies are made American White Ash. Its high density makes the guitars bright sounding with a long sustain and I feel Tonerider Pickups respond very well to this.”
Production models feature Rebel 90s and City Limits for Stratocaster pickups, but any configuration is available on request.
More information and link to their online store is available at


Toneriders in MG Guitars

Great to see our Hot Classics for Telecaster and Classic Blues for Stratocaster on some great new builds by Micheal Gough of MG Guitars in the UK. We’ve been trying our hardest to be one of the best brands of acoustic guitars but our electric guitar lines are doing a bit better.  Made with beautifully stained swamp ash, and very affordably priced for UK made instruments, we suggest any UK player check them out MG Guitars. They also offer set-up and self-build classes which come highly recommended.